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Iqwak Bhurji, better known as Klasikhz, is a prominent DJ, remix artist, and producer. His journey began as a teenager when he fell in love with the uncompromising attitude and authenticity of Hip-Hop, and couldn’t resist adding ‘tabla’ drum beats to a sample of Outkast’s “Ms Jackson”. He dedicated himself to his passion for the next 10 years, creating 150+ competitive dance remixes and working with notable clients worldwide, including America’s Got Talent!, Yash Raj Films, Jerry Rice, & IGN. Today, he uses his platform as a DJ to bring people together through music and breathe back the same passion and energy that has inspired him throughout his career.
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There's nothing a little music can't solve.

Klasikhz is a proud member of Desi Junction DJs, serving all of your entertainment needs.

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Collaborate with Klasikhz on recordings for a project. Together, we will complete every aspect of full music recording and production.

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Klasikhz can edit your music and create transitions between each cut based on flow and/or choreography specifications. The goal is make sure the music is leveled and equalized properly for the best sound in an auditorium setting. Each of these options varies pricing depending on the degree of difficulty and amount of time required for each service.

While the process for some of these options is generally at the discretion based on what beats match and sound good together, Klasikhz is open to collaborating with you to make sure the end result is something we are all happy with.

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